Meet Daniel Dea

Daniel Dea is a technopreneur and technocapitalist from Malaysia. He is passionate about applying technology in collaborative ways to empower & impact lives.

Dea has been credited as a brilliant technopreneur with contributions to thousands of companies across 42 countries, with a focus in Malaysia, the United States and Singapore since 2012. His unwavering belief that technology must serve a greater purpose and generate long-term value for the market and society is evident in his track record. Dea founded WRO International, an internet company that believes in what technology makes possible, as well as Weitizen, a B2B2C Dealership eCommerce Platform, achieving more than RM 1.5 million of additional income generated for registered dealers globally. He also serves as the CTO of multiple private limited companies in Malaysia by leaning on his core competency – assessing business models and architecting it into long-term value-based companies.

In addition to his development of tech solutions, improving the quality of life of Malaysians remains as one of his key missions. To achieve this objective, he plays an active role in NGOs, such as Malaysian Entrepreneurs’ Development Association (PUMM).

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