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Saturday, 05 Apr 2014 12:00 AM MYT

In an age where computer networks have become ubiquitous, more businesses are beginning to understand the conveniences and advantages brought on by technology. Daniel Dea, 26, found the world wide web to be a viable platform for business. So, he started WRO International Sdn Bhd, a company that manages complete network and back-office systems for clients.

“There are a few steps involved in starting a web technology company. First, you need to have a network platform. Then, you move on to network marketing, which is the founding system that will help operate the business,” Dea explained. Dea believes that the key to entrepreneurship is having a clear grasp of your goals, that way you keep two feet on the ground without straying along the way.

He said when he was still in school, he was very active in extra-curricular activities and was even a student council member. The idea for his business emerged when he was still studying. “It was 2009 when I started. I was in the third year of university. I actually majored in food studies, but now, my business is based on a completely different field,” he said.

Dea assumed many responsibilities when he was in school and said he was very fortunate to be exposed to the bigger world outside during that period as they helped him take the first step to achieving his goals. “I draw inspiration from other businesses and examples and I learn from all the success stories,” Dea said.

He added that he gained a lot of knowledge by sincerely asking for advice from those with experience. “I believe the elders and seniors are not stingy when it comes to sharing experiences. As long as you’re sincere, people will share. “When I run into obstacles, I talk with them too, and sometimes, I can really derive a solution out of their experience to fix my issues,” said Dea.

During his first year in university, he was inspired to start his own business when he took on a business management elective. “There are just so many things you can do in a business and I find it particularly challenging being able to communicate all these concepts and ideas. “I have since been reading books about business management, but because it covers such a broad spectrum, I just thought, why not do it first,” he exclaimed.

He wanted to make a tangible product out of his own ideas and concepts, especially in the field of network technology, which has a direct correlation with the younger generation. “When you have a solid idea, you must turn it into a business,” said Dea. However, the path to establishing a business is not a cakewalk. In fact, WRO International is not Dea’s first company.

“The marketing plan then was to be able to help other businesses through our services, but when clients didn’t buy into our premise, we knew we had come to a dead end. “I knew that was the best time to assess my own capabilities. I shut the company down and set up the establishment that I am running today. But now, I make sure my product has more to offer before I market it,” Dea said. “I use my product on my own website and show clients the actual results — it’s the best way to make your case. I just had to share my own examples, it wasn’t at all intimidating.”

Dea knows that many younger entrepreneurs look forward to closing huge deals with big pay-offs. “Younger entrepreneurs need to know where to draw the line. You can’t put a price on a product based on your own perception. Instead, you must gauge what your clients need assess the return on investment they are anticipating and what the value is in the long run.” On the road to establishing his own business, Dea had failed before but was never discouraged. Instead, it thought him to be more pragmatic in order to achieve what he set out to attain. “In my opinion, entrepreneurs need to continue to develop new ideas, reflecting on themselves and keep on improving. You don’t need superficial ‘packaging’ on the path to entrepreneurship; you just need to show your sincerity, this is the most important thing,” expressed Dea.

“Anyone can start a business, you just have to be clear about what your goals are. The ultimate key is to focus on the goal and the direction to reach it and strive for it. “It’s also important not to let obstacles wear you down; treat them as hurdles you know you can cross over,” he said.

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